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Painting Preparation for Your Home

Preparing walls for painting is the key to a good paint job! Interior Painting preparation includes patching your walls, sanding, and cleaning away drywall dust so your finished walls turn out beautifully! Exterior painting preparation includes using a light tarp to cover up flower beds and shrubs, taping, and sanding any needed exterior objects, and power washing.

For a smooth interior painting preparation, you need to start with a clear area. Part of our interior painting preparation involves the clearing of space. Taking down any curtains, mirrors, and pictures, move furniture out of the room and cover larger items with drop cloths. Remove any fixtures and fittings we can before painting and tape plastic around anything that cannot be removed from the painting area. In addition, we brush or vacuum up any dust and thoroughly wash the walls prior to painting.

Painting Preparations that give lasting results.

Hiring a professional painting company is the best way to ensure your home’s exterior paint job is done the correct way. Painting the exterior of a house isn’t a simple task. It takes a lot of hard work and experience to be sure that the outcome is the result you’re looking for.

However, even with hiring a professional painting service there are things you should do. The job could be done much better if proper painting preparations are done correctly. If you don’t prep your house for the paint job, then you might not get the best results possible.

We believe that the key to a great painting job is preparation, so we pride ourselves on thorough prep work and inspections before even a drop of paint touches your home. We do everything we can to address any issues that may arise and continue to tailor our plans to meet your ever-changing needs.

Additional Interior Painting Preparation Steps

Repairing drywall nicks and holes

Part of painting preparation in our Denver homes involves Patching any holes and nicks. It is one of the most important steps in preparing your walls for painting. When preparing walls for painting, fixing holes with joint compound is key! Joint compound comes in five different grades which are based on the average setting and working time for the joint compound. The lower the grade, the faster it will dry.

Sanding walls prior to painting

For the best results, we use a good quality sandpaper. It has a coating that resists clogging so that it lasts much longer and so the sanding job is completed in a more timely fashion and with more thorough results.

Cleaning the walls prior to painting

We remove the drywall dust from your walls by vacuuming off the worst of the dust with a shopvac and a Swiffer. 

Painting preparation for exterior of the home

In addition to covering all exterior items to avoid paint splatters, we take additional steps to assure your exterior painting job is perfected.

Wash the Exterior

The first step to preparing your home is to wash the exterior. You’ll want to wash the entire exterior of your house from top to bottom.

Remove Paint Flakes and Dry

Any flaking paint should be scraped off. To do so, we often use a standard paint scraper or a wire brush.

Make Repairs

After washing the exterior and scraping off paint flakes, we will make any minor necessary repairs. We look for any rotted areas or areas growing with mold. If any major repairs are required, we will show you the damage and provide an estimate.

Apply Caulking

Any cracks that we find that aren’t supposed to be there will be caulked.

Trim Trees

Take the time to trim and landscape all trees, bushes, and other plants that are nearby your home’s exterior walls to ensure our work area is clear.


To get a great-looking finish coat and the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect, we properly apply primer to the surfaces we plan to paint. We will evaluate all exterior surfaces to see what type of primer is required depending on the condition of the surface.


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