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Design/Color Consultation

Choosing the right design and color palette for your new home in Denver can be overwhelming. With thousands of color combo possibilities, which one is right for you? Our Denver team offers Painting Design and Color Consultation to help you make the correct choice for your home or business. Color is the design element that has the most impact on your senses. Colors set the room's vibe, and shades change depending on the quality of the light in a space.

Painting Design and Color Consultation is your solution. We provide a thorough list of color samples to help you choose a palette that suits your vision and taste. Our team explains why the color or palette will work and can provide large samples for you to place on the wall to view at different times of the day and night before the painting begins.

Interior or Exterior Color Consultation

Have you purchased paint at a store and then it appears different in color on your painted walls? What about asking your friend for their paint color, painting your walls the same color, and then it didn’t work for you? This is where an experienced design consultant can save the day.

Our Design and Color Consultation is not limited to just interior walls and cabinetry! They can also help with exterior projects for residential or commercial properties. We will help you kick off your project right. Color wheels, finishes, contrasts, swatches, tones — painting projects can be overwhelming. Our Design Consultant will help you choose the right colors for you, so you can feel great that your project kicks off right!

Why is Denver Painting Design and Color Consultation right for you?

Save Time

You can waste endless hours scrolling through paint fan decks. In addition, the time spent on the internet scrolling for inspiration, and your mind becomes too boggled with choices. We can help you narrow the options at our consultation, so you are confident in your final choice.

Save Money

Choosing the wrong paint can be a costly mistake. After our meeting, we can provide large paint swatches sent to your home on which you can base your final color decision. 

Open Minded Choices

We realize people all have different opinions on design and color. If you have a great color palette picked out, but you aren’t sure where and how to use each of your color choices. We can look at your current color palette and create ways for everything to flow together that will bring balance and peace to your space.

What is Covered by our Painting Design and Color Consultation?

We evaluate the whole environment (interior or exterior).
We consider the colors and finishes in your space.
For an interior color palette, we’ll study your furnishings, floors, fabrics, artwork and accessories.
For exterior, we’ll assess your brick, siding, roof and unique architectural features.
We also factor in lighting and other elements to help us provide you with beautiful color options.

We will bring you years of experience and provide you friendly service that leaves you fully comfortable with your final design choices. Our goal for every design paint consultation is to leave you happily satisfied with your color choices in your home or business. If you are ready to schedule your Design and Paint Color Consultation or have any questions regarding this service, feel free to reach out to us. Our consultation services are affordable for everyone and guaranteed to bring satisfaction to your designing plans. We assure our consultation services will stand out above and beyond your expectations.

Call us at (303) 731-4146. The phone consultation is FREE. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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