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Faux Finish Painting Services

If you’re looking for a unique faux finish for your Denver home’s interior painting, our professionals can offer several different Faux Finish Painting options and techniques. We help you select the perfect option for your home. The beautiful custom faux finishes supplied by the professional painters at Colorado Painters are guaranteed to be a great addition to your home’s interior decoration and style.

Faux finish painting will help transform your home’s interior and exterior surfaces into a visually stunning design. We can add texture and a personalized artistic faux finish painting job to ceilings, walls, columns, niches, tray ceilings, front entrance doors, garage doors, crown and trim moldings and more.

Some Faux Finishes We Offer:

  • Rag Rolling
  • Color Washing
  • Sponge
  • Stripes
  • Distressed and Graining of crown molding, garage doors, front entrance doors
  • Marbled Columns and Walls
  • Brick/Block
  • Elephant Hide
  • Fresco
  • Metallic Paints, Plasters, and Faux
  • Leather
  • Feather Duster
  • Geometrical Design
  • Crystal Brush Glitter  

Our Faux Finish Painting We Offer to Denver Residents

We offer Residential or Commercial Faux Finish painting services in Denver and surrounding areas: Faux Finishes for Walls and Ceilings, Urban, Contemporary, Modern, Shimmery or Muted Metallic, Venetians, Layered Finishes, Tuscan Finishes, Finishes that can repair or cover any wall damage, and Complete Custom Finishes.

Faux Finish Wall Benefits

We supply you a beautiful design at a fraction of the cost.

Imagine you wanted a beautiful interior brick wall to serve as the backdrop or accent in your living room. In the past, this type of design would've been nearly impossible unless you were willing to spend a fortune to have someone renovate and lay actual bricks. The same is true of many reclaimed barn wood style walls. That is why designers are incorporating faux finish walls that are made to mimic the design and style of these materials without the big cost. Faux wall finishes make it possible to dress up your walls without causing permanent damage to the surface behind them.

Easier to Maintain

In addition to simplifying the installation process, faux finish walls also are easier to maintain over the long term. They can be properly sealed against dirt and grime, prolonging their lifespan. The sealant prevents them from aging, so in the future, your faux finish walls will look just as great as they do on the day you install them.

Our Special Faux Finish Painting Services

Venetians Plaster

Italian Venetian Plaster is used in modern homes by homeowners looking for an authentic and rustic design element. Its unique textures can be completely customized, and this technique is used to revitalize walls and eliminate the standard dry-wall look that most homes have today.

Faux Marble

Marbleizing is a difficult technique that requires artistry and a mastery of the craft of interior painting. A faux marble finish to any wall or other surface of your home with techniques and tools used to create the beauty of real marble. Faux marble finishes are often a wonderful alternative to pricey fabricated stones.

Gone are the days of using wallpaper and stucco as the only means of dressing up our walls. There are many faux finish wall materials nowadays that can help you expand your interior design. 

For those homeowners who are thinking about adding a Faux Finish to the interior of their Denver home and would like to see Faux finish paint samples, we can help you with a free consultation today. Contact our office today at (303) 731-4146.


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